Welcome to the TransKras.........a bike ride across the Moravian Karst

  • We will take you to the nicest places in the Moravian Karst and its surroundings
  • The race is suitable for ambitious bikers as well as for coolers, who want to enjoy nature in the first place
  • It is for everybody who has fallen under the magic of a mountain bike
  • TransKras is a great opportunity to spend a wonderful weekend on the bike in beautiful nature.

TransKras is a two day event a untraditional bikemarathon with a night prologue

The race is combining mountain biking with navigation by traditional map and touring. Teams of two ride between checkpoints scattered over a large area of rugged country. Each checkpoint has a different value, and the aim of the race is to accumulate as many points as possible within the given time limit. Distance and difficulty of access to the checkpoint increases its value and there are penalties for exceeding the time limits. So winner is, who is able to find the fastest route between chosen checkpoints.

Competitors receive maps on Friday before the race and the specific value of checkpoinst before the start of the stage. A couple of competitors must pass the whole race together, furthest to the hearing.

1st stage - the prologue will take place at night and is designed especially for experienced bikers. The two main stages will be run on Saturday - a time limit of six hours and Sunday - a time limit of 4 hours. The results of both stages are counted together plus.

........any questions, contact us cykloplus@gmail.com


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